Reviewing my talk "How To Become A Developer" 2.5 years later

April 12, 2021

In 2018 I gave a talk to a local chapter of freeCodeCamp here in Oklahoma City called "How To Become A Developer."

I enjoyed giving the talk, and even though there were only a dozen or so people who attended, I thought it was a good talk and that it had a lot of valuable advice in there.

What I didn't expect however, was that the local OKC broadcast of that talk would be picked up by the main freeCodeCamp channel—where it got 300k views.

FCC views

Since 2018, I've changed as a person and as a developer, and the development world has changed as well.

Because of that, I wanted to update the advice I gave in 2018. Some of my stances have changed, and some of the things I said in that original talk could have used better explanations.

I've recorded a video highlighting important sections from that talk that I think I need to address—as well as answered all of the comments left on the video.

You can watch the review video here, and if you haven't seen the original talk, it's here.