[freeCodeCamp] How to Use Git and Git Workflows – a Practical Guide

April 1, 2021

Git is one of the most important skills you pick up as a developer.

You use it every day, and it is the foundation of many of the mature software engineering practices we use every day.

I've written a thorough tutorial building from-the-ground-up the basics of how to use Git and collaborate with others on freeCodeCamp's Developer News.

Here's what it covers:

  • Installing git and setting up a GitHub account
  • How to create a new repository in GitHub
  • Cloning the repository
  • Git branches
  • How the check the status of a Git project
  • How to make our first commit
  • How to push up our first commit to GitHub
  • How to add another commit in Git
  • How to stage changes in Git
  • How to view the Git diff
  • How to collaborate with others in Git
  • Feature branches in Git
  • Git workflows for collaboration
  • How to merge a branch in Git
  • Pull request workflow
  • How to bring our local up to date
  • How to retrieve remote data
  • How to fix merge conflicts in Git
  • Review: how to start a new feature workflow

If Git has never really made sense, or you're not sure where to start—read this tutorial.